Posted by: Ingrid | December 9, 2010

Lecture #9 Transmedia

Tonight we were given the perspectives on UX in digital media by the Creative CEO of Engine, Robin Naughton. The lecture began with the list of Golden Rules and a discussion in relation to how the rules are used in her business. The Engine team begins each project with figuring out the goals of the customer – then it’s up to the team to (no specific order) designs, collaborates, documents, re-designs, re-collaborates, documents again and finally present and launch a polished project for the customer. This team effort and collaboration is important for creating a visual experience that will resonate with the user. One must frame the work you do in a competitive environment whether the competition is another agency or the competition between capturing customers.

The idea of transmedia also encompasses large complex stories with emotional characters that stand on their own which is a format that is also found in successful websites, movies and televisions shows. The more complex, the better, IF the story has rich, fully developed characters. No matter what the subject is, a good story should have a beginning, middle, and end. Not a cliff hanger (who shot JR), but a real end. In society today, we prefer closure…especially women. If I close my eyes, and think back to the evening that the final episode of The Sopranos aired, I swear I can still hear the screams of the entire country ringing in my ears as millions of people witnessed the last scene when it cut to a black screen. I know the writers were trying to create a water cooler conversation piece but, c’mon…really? I dedicated more than six years of my adult life watching this series, not to mention the added financial burden of carrying HBO on my cable for so long. The need to complete the story is essential and the new age of digital media will require that the story is told through a transmedia lens.


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