Posted by: Ingrid | November 4, 2010

Lecture #6

The internet is an easy way to make connections both good and bad. A quarter of the internet searches are users looking for video. What does that say to me, the user? The percentage of video searches makes two statements: video is the way of the future and it is also the way of the millennial generation. There are sites out there that cater to an older demographic are now integrating content with video however the younger crowd has grown up with video and they have used video for many years already.

An example of this can be found on the local news website where the video content is identical to the text posted below the video. Video has become so popular over the years and the next “big thing” will most likely come from a video content innovator. It’s here to stay but the audience needs to be engaged in the story for it to last longer than 5 minutes of popularity. The ability to stream live video is truly remarkable and I can’t begin to think of what will knock it off the podium.


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