Posted by: Ingrid | November 1, 2010

Next Generation Web



  1. Nice job Ingrid! Those cupcakes look fabulous. I think you’re right in that the simpler the web is for users the more they’ll engage. I think Microsoft is echoing your statement with the ad for their new Windows phone. Get in, get what you need, get out and be done with it. Great post!

  2. I totally love this!!! Great job. And now I want cupcakes. They will be not only hurt but also consumed. Plus everyone who does text totally impress me. I still haven’t figured out how to do that…. Yo da star.

  3. Yes Yes. I totally agree that the new kind of media should be fast. This is not only becuase the audience have the control on their hand, but also because there are many choices out there for them to chose.
    I also would like to try trophy cupcake. How was its taste?

  4. Agreed–now I totally want a cupcake. And I want to pick Sasha the Dog up and hug her because she’s so cute. Media is already getting faster and mobile, and I can’t imagine the trend changing. I don’t know where it will end, though–when will a Twitter post be too much for us to read?

  5. Great job with all the images and the creativity with you driving and giving your perspective in a candid way!

  6. I love the story, you kept it simple but still intriguing. Great angle shot through the driving wheel. I agree that media communications are getting faster and faster, and I can’t help but wonder if/when the speed will peak. I love that we can get information at the speed of light (or something similar), but as more and more information becomes available at a more rapid rate, I think our attention spans are going to continue to decrease, and, as a result, the value of an attention economy will increase. Will we be paid just to pay attention to a site, post, image etc.? Who knows, sure would be nice though!

  7. I agree that web would become easier and simpler in the future. But the media is changing so fast, it is really hard to predict its future. Love your work though. It is really compelling.

  8. So were the cupcakes reimbursed? Since it was for a class project. Great video. So how did you get the camera to stay put as you drove.

    • It was on the steering dash in front of my speedometer! I was driving and talking to myself.

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