Posted by: Ingrid | October 25, 2010

Remember The Time…



  1. That’s really a nice story! You know those moments have to come, and they are some of the things you’ll remember all your life. As for me, my brother and I noticed that santa had the same long ski stockings as my dad (they were a little unique in that they had a white stripe on them that gave them off as not just red stockings) – and my brother blew his cover, added up the facts (dad always had to excuse himself to the bathroom when santa came and now santa was wearing the same socks! that beard had to be fake)…

  2. As a single dad my kids didn’t have the tooth fairy for very long. One of the girls was a light sleeper and woke up enough to spot me during an exchange. The tooth fairy was replaced with the hairy fairy in our household. The cash was the same, so they quickly adjusted.

  3. That is a touching story. I think everyone would have those kind of moment that we learn the fairy tales are just fairy tales. But the most touching part is how the parents or people who loves us try their best to protect our fairy tales. 😀

  4. I was a few years younger than that when I found out about the Easter Bunny. I woke up early on Easter and saw my mom making up my basket, it was pretty traumatizing. I still wanted them to hide the eggs though.

    The same day I found a dead rabbit that had been eaten by a raccoon or something, so that really was the end of the Easter Bunny.

    I really enjoyed your video. Good Job with storytelling!

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