Posted by: Ingrid | October 21, 2010

Lecture #4

Tonight’s class introduced us to a creative guest speaker by the name of Paolo Tosolini. Paolo and his creative team have developed an in-house video sharing site for employees. Why did they do this, you may ask? This Microsoft team had the forward vision to create a community of sharing and engagement.

To get things started, a blogging team was created. The bloggers were then equiped with basic video equipment and were expected to post blogs every month. Soon, the channel caught on and within three years, the channel has more than 20,000 informative how-to videos that can be shared within the company and to customers. All of this success comes from an initial $40 per person investment. What a great deal! There is no way that you could be able to outsource the type of detailed, specific information that his company blog has collected over the years.

An abundance of talent within the company has led some employees to develop into video series characters. This is a great idea and works perfectly for the Microsoft environment. Bravo!


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